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Determine Career Issues
Describe Work Environment
Identify Interests, Strengths, Weaknesses, Accomplishments
Integrate Work Environment With Personal Knowledge
Determine Goals/Targets and Identify Obstacles
Identify Methods for Accomplishing Goals / Achieving Targets
Develop IDP

5. Determine goals and targets & identify obstacles

A goal is a statement of a desired outcome or accomplishment, which is specific, observable and realistic. Based on the data you have generated about yourself on the previous work sheets and your specific career issues, write some goals for the next one, two and three years.

Click to download the "Determine Goals and Targets and Identify Obstacles" work sheet in Microsoft Word format.

Several matrices have been developed to help you determine your goals and targets. Pick your primary area: technical, clerical, or business management and check out the competencies, skills, and processes needed in each area and at each level.

Look too, at the available training that will help you achieve these skills.

  1. What I want to accomplish by this time next year is…
  2. What I want to accomplish by the end of the second year is…
  3. What I want to accomplish by the end of the third year is…
  4. What barriers or obstacles might prevent me from accomplishing my goals on time (e.g., time, money, other commitments, etc.)?
  5. What can I do to overcome these barriers or obstacles? What resources are available to help me?

NEXT STEP: Identify methods for accomplishing goals & achieving targets