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diversity & inclusion
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“Diversity includes a number of important human characteristics that affect an individual's values and opportunities and perceptions of self and others at work. These characteristics include, but are not limited to age, ethnicity, gender, ability, race, sexual orientation, religion, and family status. Inclusion depicts the presence of somebody or something included in a group/team in the workplace. ”

FPD Diversity & Inclusion Committee's Purpose

The Flight Projects Directorate is committed to the concept, "Diversity in Action". Our goal is to not only build awareness of Diversity & Inclusion (D & I) activities, but to put these critical ideas into practice and action. The Directorate's D & I activities strive to involve Goddard employees to respect, appreciate, and value individual differences so that we can capitalize on the strengths of a diverse workforce to better perform our mission through teamwork and innovation.

What is Our Mission?

We serve as a voice for every individual to focus the Directorate's energy on critical diversity and inclusion activities and issues in an effort to foster an environment where trust, quality, fairness, inclusion, collaboration, and innovation flourish at all levels.

Diversity & Inclusion Charter and Strategic Plan

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