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Code 400 : Creating a New Future

Our Relationships

The “Our Relationships” Subgroup is focused on helping Code 400 realize the desired future in which the Flight Projects Directorate has established itself as a trusted, collaborative and high performing partner in all interactions with customers, stakeholders and employees, by June 2011.

Based on the interviews conducted by the Design team in Spring of 2010, Our Relationships Subgroup concluded that the desired future could be achieved through mechanisms to establish and maintain clearer organizational Roles, Accountabilities and Authorities (or RAAs) throughout the directorate, and by observing a few key Operating Standards. To accomplish this our subgroup created two working groups to establish a plan with metrics and measures to fulfill the desired future.

Robin Krause
Our Relationships
Robin Krause, Deputy Project Manager of GOES-R, speaks about the 'Relationship' Working Group.

Our Relationships Advisory Council Briefing
+ View PDF | January 19, 2011

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