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NASA Goddard Space Flight Center is among the top places in Federal Government to work. Goddard offers a rich environment that contributes to the development and sustainment of a satisfying career.

With a wide range of programs and projects, multi-disciplinary problem solving, extensive laboratories and facilities, and a college campus-like environment, Goddard provides our employees with a rich work life. Become part of the Goddard family and develop job skills that could take you farther than you ever imagined. Start your career by building a bright future for yourself…the opportunities are “out of this world!”

Key Project Positions


Program Manager

Responsible for authoritative technical decisions, advice, and consultation on variables and unknowns affecting the organization

* PM can mean program or project manager8


Program Business Manager

Responsible for resource management and assists with strategic management of the organization


Project Manager

Responsible for the performance of all necessary functions to ensure mission success

* PM can mean program or project manager


Deputy Project Manager

Supports the PM in directing all phases of the project, and has project-wide responsibility for planning and evaluating all project activities on a day-to-day basis


Deputy Project Manager/ Resources

Contributes business management expertise to the establishment of technical objectives and is responsible for the application of business and financial management


Project Scientist

Responsible for assuring the satisfactory accomplishment of the scientific objectives of the mission


Chief Safety and Mission Assurance Officer

Responsible for all flight assurance disciplines (reliability, design review, quality assurance, mission success, systems safety, testing, etc.) of the project


Mission Business Manager

Responsible for providing budget and financial management expertise and developing long-term plans for new or complex programs/projects


Software Systems Manager

Responsible for the integrity of the total software systems used on the project


Mission Systems Engineer

Responsible for developing the systems design of the flight segment and for ensuring that it is compatible with the scientific instruments, launch vehicle, communications systems, ground segment, reliability objectives, and end products


Mission Operations Manager

Responsible for the total operational ground systems support integrity, including project requirements and overviewing the development of the complete operational ground system


Observatory Manager

Directs the team in identifying and specifying the spacecraft/ observatory requirements, in developing subsystems and systems, and in demonstrating that it meets its functional performance goals in launch and space environments


Financial Manager

Responsible to supply financial management expertise to the establishment of technical program/project objectives and applying financial management techniques


Instrument Systems Manager

Responsible for ensuring through close coordination and technical review of the payload designs that the instruments or payload hardware meet technical performance, cost and schedule for the mission


Project Support Manager

Responsible for the management of custom requirements for services of the program/project; performs work inn one or more administrative program areas
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