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The Flight Projects Directorate (FPD) is responsible for overall management and implementation of the flight projects at Goddard Space Flight Center.

This includes the in-house instrument projects, and the infrastructure that supports these projects including contracts management, technical and business management, mission design, fabrication, integration, environmental test, design and readiness review management, launch operations, and orbital operations.

The assignment is consistent with NASA Procedural Requirement (NPR) 7120.5, “NASA Space Flight Program and Project Management Requirements.”

FPD manages the implementation, maintenance, and operations of end-to-end space architectures, including mission operations, tracking, and data acquisition services for missions supported by GSFC.

FPD assures that a strong and consistent program and project management approach is implemented on all projects including the establishment of overall requirements, design reviews, systems analysis, appropriate pre-launch test programs, and science data delivery from operational systems.

FPD also provides Agency-wide management of areas of technology development for Earth orbiting space missions.

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