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Portfolio Functions


Focuses on missions and technologies aimed at answering: How do galaxies, stars, and planetary systems form and evolve?

An Amazing Legacy for Astrophysics: Hubble, JWST, and More!

Communications and Navigation

Addresses systems and technologies needed for responsive communications and navigation. Investments primarily are intended to support NASA's Exploration, Space Operations, and Science missions in near-Earth and deep space environments

Earth Science

Focuses on developing technologies needed to observe and understand changes in Earth's climate system. Technologies include state-of-the-art remote sensor and aircraft-based as well as and surface-based observational platforms


Addresses solar structure and magnetic activity, solar wind, solar disturbances, and their effects on Earth's upper atmosphere

Planetary and Lunar Science

Supports new scientific measurements to explore the solar system. Primary research areas include developing instruments for landers and orbiting spacecraft, as well as providing entire spacecraft/observatories

Cross-Cutting Technology and Capabilities

Addresses technology or capabilities which are applicable to more than one strategic line of business, everything from nano-materials, electronics and detectors, to system architectures

Suborbital Platforms and Range Services

Focuses on technologies that allow carriers to fly at new locations, altitude regimes, and for extended durations. The line of business also focuses on reducing the weight of instruments flying on NASA's Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) platforms.