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Projects Portfolio

The Flight Projects Directorate is responsible for the overall management and implementation of GSFC flight projects, including in-house instruments, and the infrastructure that supports these projects. The directorate manages the implementation, maintenance, and operations of end-to-end architectures including mission operations and tracking and data acquisition services for missions supported by GSFC. FPD assures that a strong and consistent program and project management approach is implemented on all projects to include: establishment of overall requirements, design reviews, system analysis, appropriate pre-launch test program activities, and science data delivery from operational systems.

FPD manages a portfolio of nearly $4 billion in annual, new obligated funds, consisting of approximately 400 civil servants and 4,600 contractors. GSFC FPD is responsible for 61 missions and 9 programs including: Living with a Star, Solar Terrestrial Probes, Explorers, Earth Science, Joint Polar Satellite System, Physics of the Cosmos, Cosmic Origins, Reimbursable, and Earth Science Technology. GSFC is also responsible for the Search and Rescue Mission Office, Landsat program, and Space Network Tracking and Data Relay Satellite (TDRS) System, which are critical national assets.

Flight Projects Portfolio's Lines of Business

The Flight Projects Mission Portfolio is diverse, covering six lines of business to include: Earth Science, Planetary, Astrophysics, Heliophysics, Communications and Navigation, and Cross-Cutting Technologies. In addition to the portfolio's direct funding, FPD also manages 32 percent in reimbursables to include several National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration programs. The following image breaks out the allocation by line of business for FPD's the Flight Projects Mission Portfolio.

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